Emerging Neighborhoods

Suffolk Downs

The new Suffolk Downs will be a place to work, shop, play, and live. The land, which has long been disconnected from the community (outside of race days), will be reintegrated into Boston, with two stops on the MBTA’s Blue Line helping residents connect with the rest of the city.

Dorchester Bay City

The Bayside Expo Center in Dorchester has lived many lives since it first opened. It’s been a shopping mall, a convention center, a potential site for the Olympic Village (if the Olympics had come to Boston in 2024) – but this 33-acre property is finally starting its biggest chapter yet.

Washington Village

Washington Village, breaking ground in 2017, will consist of 8 buildings ranging from 6 to 22 stories in height. Located in Andrew Square and bounded by Dorchester St., Old Colony Ave. and Dorchester Ave., Washington Village will bring a massive mixed-use community to the heart of South Boston. Washington Village will include 656 residential units consisting of a mix of condos and rentals from studio to three-bedroom units.

Boston Landing

Boston Landing

The idea of work-life balance is something that many people (and their employees) have been chasing for years. Some believe it's achievable with careful planning and hard work; other think it's fantasy that's not conducive to modern life. But to the team at NB Development Group, work-life balance isn't just a possibility - IT's the focus of their latest project! - Read More