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Boston Landing Reimagines Work-Life Balance

Boston Landing

Boston Landing

The idea of work-life balance is something that many people (and their employers) have been chasing for years. Some believe it's achievable with careful planning and hard work; others think it's a fantasy that's not conducive to modern life. But to the team at NB Development Group, work-life balance isn't just a possibility — it's the focus of their latest project.

Boston Landing, located along the Massachusetts Turnpike in Brighton, is a 15-acre development dedicated to promoting work-life balance. The area features 575,000 square feet of commercial space, 295 condos, and apartments, and countless shops and restaurants all in one bustling corner of the city. Employees and residents in Boston Landing can easily walk from their homes or offices to a bar, restaurant, or shop — giving them ample opportunity to unwind and embrace real work-life balance.

A Haven For Health Nuts

In addition to the office space, shops, and residences at Boston Landing, this new development strives to be a haven for health and wellness enthusiasts. Boston Landing is home to several state-of-the-art fitness centers such as:

The Track at New Balance - a 200-meter, hydraulically banked track

Warrior Ice Arena - an indoor skating rink that open to the public and available for private events

NB Fitness Club - a 25,000 square foot fitness center with everything from high-end equipment and group fitness classes to luxurious saunas and locker rooms

The health and wellness facilities at Boston Landing are designed for athletes to reach their highest potential — which is why they have also become the new training facilities for both the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics. Residents and workers at Boston Landing can expect the very best from their exercise experiences, (and they might even run into a professional athlete or two).

About The Developers

NB Development Group brings a decade of experience to their work on Boston Landing. The team, led by President Jim Halliday, is driven by a desire to create value for both their clients and their community.

It is this desire to improve the community that has helped make Boston Landing the top of the line neighborhood that attracts both professional sports teams and creative businesses alike. This development will not only improve the area; it will make the lives of everyone who works and lives there better.

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