Echelon Rental Units vs Condo Units?

Echelon Seaport Condos The Alyx atEchelon Seaport

Echelon Seaport Condos / The Alyx at Echelon Seaport

Condo Units VS Rental Units at Echelon Seaport: What's the difference?

Echelon Seaport consists of three towers - two buildings are condos and one is the apartment tower, The Alyx. Echelon Seaport's condo towers are located at 133-135 Seaport Boulevard, while The Alyx is located at 131 Seaport Boulevard.

Echelon Seaport’s condo and rental buildings will have different entrances, however, they will share some common spaces. Condo owners have access to a full slate of Echelon's world-class amenities listed here. Rental units at The Alyx will have a limited amount of amenities featuring one grand pool, resident lounge, wellness center, innovation center, family play center, dog run & play park, access to garage parking, and 24-hour concierge services.