Blog :: 04-2016

Somerville Tightens the Leash on Condo Conversion Laws

Somerville Tightens the Leash on Condo Conversion Laws

Somerville’s Condominium Review Board will now be enforcing a law requiring a year’s notice to tenants before converting property to condos. Attorneys and developers say this will delay their ability to develop and puts too much responsibility on them to make sure tenants aren’t being ousted by property owners eager to sell, with one [...]

Downtown Crossing's Newest Tower: One Bromfield

One Bromfield Downtown Boston

Developer's proposed One Bromfield, a 59-story tower in Boston's Downtown Crossing would exceed the height of Millennium Tower Boston, which set a record in the district. 

New York-based developer Midwood Investment & Development bought the parcels in the mid-2000s and set about with plans to construct a 28-story building with around 260 [...]

PRICED OUT? Why Living in a Luxury Apartment Building Might be Cheaper Than You Think

AVA Theater District Downtown Boston Apartments

Lately, Boston renters have been talking about the massive increase in rents over the past two years, specifically in full-service luxury buildings. This is understandable considering the eye-popping price tags in some of Boston’s newer buildings where 1-bedroom units can fetch upwards of $3,000/month and 2 bedrooms often exceed



Boston is in the midst of a high-rise condo development boom, and everyone wants a piece of the action. Buildings such as Millennium Tower and Twenty Two Liberty are selling completely off-market, prior to opening, at staggering rates. Boston’s high-end housing market is so hot these days even brand new condos that haven’t been lived in yet [...]