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Dorchester Dot Block: Neighborhood-Oriented Development Coming to Dorchester Avenue

Dorchester Dot Block

Several years in the making, a plan is expected to bring four new buildings with approximately 488 residential rental units along 1205 Dorchester Avenue in Boston. This plan has become commonly referred to as the Dorchester Dot Block, which was initially approved in 2016 but was amended in 2019, increasing the rental units and changing the dynamic of the parking structure.

Dorchester Dot Block

The development amendment for the Dorchester Dot Block Project will situate four buildings along the block – a five-story Hancock Street building, a four-story Pleasant Street building, a six-story Dorchester North building, and a six-story Dorchester South building. The units will be a mixture of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom rental spaces.

The project’s parking was changed from an above-ground parking garage to an underground parking unit that will contain approximately 345 parking spaces, including a ground floor with approximately 14 enclosed spaces. On-street parking is anticipated to add approximately 19 spaces along the new interior drives to support temporary use. A covered area for bicycle riders is will also be added within the development to support alternative forms of transportation.

Community and public benefits of the Dorchester Dot Block include, but are not limited to, providing high-quality residential units, the establishment of a community fund for $250,000 to be managed by the Boston Planning and Development Agency, the creation of construction jobs, and new businesses to help accommodate the block’s commercial and neighborhood amenities.

Retail spaces are expected to take up 23,000 square feet of space and be situated as smaller neighborhood-oriented stores and restaurants. This change was made from the original 37,000 square feet allotted in the original project proposal, which included larger formatted retail spaces.

The project is expected to take 24 months to complete from the commencement of construction.

About the Development

The developers of the project are Samuels & Associates and Wintergold, LLC. Samuels & Associates is known in the Boston area for developing Boston’s most renowned commercial real estate properties. Wintergold, LLC is a lesser-known investment group that paid $19.1 million for the site for redevelopment. The construction company for the project is Stantec, a top-tier global design firm.


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    Boston Landing Reimagines Work-Life Balance

    Boston Landing

    The idea of work-life balance is something that many people (and their employers) have been chasing for years. Some believe it's achievable with careful planning and hard work; others think it's a fantasy that's not conducive to modern life. But to the team at NB Development Group, work-life balance isn't just a possibility — it's the focus of their latest project.

    Boston Landing, located along the Massachusetts Turnpike in Brighton, is a 15-acre development dedicated to promoting work-life balance. The area features 575,000 square feet of commercial space, 295 condos, and apartments, and countless shops and restaurants all in one bustling corner of the city. Employees and residents in Boston Landing can easily walk from their homes or offices to a bar, restaurant, or shop — giving them ample opportunity to unwind and embrace real work-life balance.

    A Haven For Health Nuts

    In addition to the office space, shops, and residences at Boston Landing, this new development strives to be a haven for health and wellness enthusiasts. Boston Landing is home to several state-of-the-art fitness centers such as:

    The Track at New Balance - a 200-meter, hydraulically banked track

    Warrior Ice Arena - an indoor skating rink that open to the public and available for private events

    NB Fitness Club - a 25,000 square foot fitness center with everything from high-end equipment and group fitness classes to luxurious saunas and locker rooms

    The health and wellness facilities at Boston Landing are designed for athletes to reach their highest potential — which is why they have also become the new training facilities for both the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics. Residents and workers at Boston Landing can expect the very best from their exercise experiences, (and they might even run into a professional athlete or two).

    About The Developers

    NB Development Group brings a decade of experience to their work on Boston Landing. The team, led by President Jim Halliday, is driven by a desire to create value for both their clients and their community.

    It is this desire to improve the community that has helped make Boston Landing the top of the line neighborhood that attracts both professional sports teams and creative businesses alike. This development will not only improve the area; it will make the lives of everyone who works and lives there better.


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      What's New in South Boston? Washington Village

      Washington Village, South Boston, MA

      The neighborhood of South Boston is a rapidly expanding area filled with young professionals, families, and urbanites looking for quick access to downtown. And soon, the area will have another draw for Bostonians — a brand new development adjacent to Andrew's Square.

      This new area is Washington Village, a multi-use development featuring seven buildings across 4.9 acres where people can live, work, and shop.

      Features of Washington Village

      Located at 235 Old Colony Avenue, Washington Village will feature retail space and both condos and apartments for urban professionals. The relatively large parcel of land has been allocated for a great deal of residential space: 214 apartments and 532 condos.

      Additionally, the developers plan to build about 82,400 square feet of retail space and 663 parking spaces, turning this once industrial and commercial parcel of land into a public space that's sure to be bustling.

      But Washington Village isn't just about building apartments and chic cafes. The developers also plan to plant around 120 new trees on the land, helping beautify the area and reduce Boston's carbon footprint. Washington Village will also have a space for the South Boston Historical Society, giving residents and visitors an opportunity to learn more about the community's history.

      Connecting with Surrounding Neighborhoods

      While Washington Village sits on the bones of an industrial park, the new development is not meant to be isolated from its surroundings. Its prime location near the Red Line station makes it a great area for people looking to live away from the city proper yet still want to easily get downtown.

      The developers are leaning into this connectivity, building public plazas and opening up new space on Tuckerman Street. This will allow Washington Village to seamlessly integrate with nearby Dorchester.

      The Developers

      The minds behind Washington Village are Samuels and Associates, a community-focused company that aims to create innovative and memorable developments that lead to thriving new neighborhoods.

      While Washington Village has yet to begin construction (largely due to COVID-19), it is clear that this team is dedicated to building a space where people can live, play, dine, and shop while connecting with South Boston in a new and unique way.

      Dorchester Bay City: Something Big is Coming to Dorchester

      Dorchester Bay City: Review Process Starts This Month, 2020

      The Bayside Expo Center in Dorchester has lived many lives since it first opened. It’s been a shopping mall, a convention center, a potential site for the Olympic Village (if the Olympics had come to Boston in 2024) – but this 33-acre property is finally starting its biggest chapter yet.

      Earlier this year, after a year of planning (and more than a decade after the Expo Center’s last closure), real estate developer Accordia Partners LLC finalized the sale of the Bayside Expo Center land. Their plan: to transform this land into a 6-million square-foot hub for Bostonians to work, live and play.

      Dorchester Bay City

      This new development is known as Dorchester Bay City. Located between 200 Mt. Vernon Street and 2 Morrissey Boulevard, this massive complex will be a beautiful new public space, complete with storefronts, offices, and homes.

      The developers estimate that Dorchester Bay City will be home to 1,740 residential units, 155,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, and another 4 million square feet dedicated to workspaces, academic facilities, and research and development centers. The land will also feature a vast public area with bicycle paths, pedestrian accommodations, and roadways, making the neighborhood a beautiful and walkable area within Columbia Point.

      Beautification and neighborhood improvements are at the heart of Dorchester Bay City. As Accordia Partners LLC explains in their proposal on the project:

      “By providing wonderful new public spaces with improved access to the Harborwalk, retail and open space programming available to all, and a mix of uses that ensures a 24/7 community that embodies live, work, and play, the Project will become a dynamic hub for all Bostonians.”

      Accordia Partners co-owner Richard Galvin asserts that Dorchester Bay City will “feed into a series of public benefits,” such as job creation, infrastructure improvements, climate resilience, and greater accessibility to public spaces. While the build-out may take upwards of a decade, it is the company’s hope that this new neighborhood will improve life for Bostonians throughout the Columbia Point region. 

      About the Development

      The Dorchester Bay City project is being developed by Accordia Partners, LLC. Founded in 2014 by Kirk Sykes and Richard Galvin, the company seeks to increase inclusion and diversity in urban spaces through its development projects. Accordia Partners works to create equity in employment and education opportunities, helping to improve their community one project at a time.

      Suffolk Downs: A Redevelopment of a Mixed-Use Neighborhood

      Suffolk Downs East Boston megaproject, Boston Herald, 2020

      Boston has long been a business and cultural hub in the United States, but the 21st century has seen a boom for our city. The population has grown by nearly 130,000 – a 23% increase – since 1980.

      With so many people living and working in the city, developers are working hard to build neighborhoods and office spaces to house them. And recently, real estate company HYM Investment Group announced that they would be providing Bostonians with a brand-new neighborhood: Suffolk Downs.

      The History of Suffolk Downs

      Suffolk Downs has been a part of the Boston community since 1935 when it first opened as a Thoroughbred race track. While the 10.5-million square foot property was not a place to live or work, it was a popular gathering place where Bostonians could watch famous horses like Seabiscuit, Whirlaway, and Cigar compete.

      The race track has had a checkered history, with a closure in the 1980s, a reopening in the 90s, and a brief attempt to open a casino on the property in the 2010s. But in 2019, Suffolk Downs held their final season of live racing. Then, they handed the reins over to HYM Investment group, who plan to transform the land into a mixed-use neighborhood.

      Built for the Future

      The new Suffolk Downs will be a place to work, shop, play, and live. The land, which has long been disconnected from the community (outside of race days), will be reintegrated into Boston, with two stops on the MBTA’s Blue Line helping residents connect with the rest of the city.

      The development will feature a variety of properties, from neighborhood retail and housing, to innovation centers and parks – all connected by walkable sidewalks and bike paths. The developers plan on erecting two retail squares (one at each Blue Line station), so residents and businesses have access to shops, pharmacies, and entertainment venues.

      But perhaps most importantly, Suffolk Downs is dedicated to sustainability. The developers have adopted forward-thinking strategies to address the potential impacts of climate change (such as rising sea levels). Structures will feature “green design,” and developers will aim to create a resilient and sustainable environment that will last for years to come.

      The Suffolk Downs redevelopment group is run by HYM Investment Group, headed by Thomas N. O’Brien (managing director), Paul Crisalli (director of operations), and Douglas J. Manz (director of development).


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        75 Old Harbor: New Construction Luxury Condos

        75 Old Harbor is currently under construction and will be a brand new renovation and expansion of an existing 3 family building located in South Boston's desirable Thomas Park neighborhood. These 3 luxury condos will boast impeccable finishes featuring open concept living areas that will open up to private outdoor spaces for each unit.



        Unit 1: 3 Bed | 2.5 Bath duplex | 1,700 sq. ft. | 2 private decks | Private yard | $999,000

        Unit 2: 2 Bed | 2 Bath | 960 sq. ft. | private deck | $799,000

        Unit 3 Penthouse: 2 Bed/2 Bath | 1000 sq. ft. | private deck | $849,000



        75 Old Harbor is within walking distance of all major South Boston amenities including restaurants, bars, groceries, and shops on East and West Broadway along with the Broadway T stop and multiple bus routes to Downtown and Seaport.

        -Castle Island

        -Carson Beach

        -M Street Beach

        -Starbucks – L street

        -Boston Athletic Club

        -Stop & Shop

        -Foodie’s Market

        -South Boston Yoga

        -Multiple Bus Stops

        -Broadway T

        -Moakley Field

        -South Boston Yacht Club

        -Sidewalk Café

        -Boston Bagel Company



        -Capo South Boston

        -Local 149

        -Lincoln Tavern

        -The Broadway

        -Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar


        -Fox & The Knife




        Designed, built, & sold by ELEVATED.

        Expected completion for the new luxury construction condos at 75 Old Harbor will be early summer of 2021.  If you are interested in pre-construction reservations and select buyer customization, contact Elevated today!

        List of South Boston New Construction Condos

        The Ceinture – 20 West 5th, South Boston

        The building that checks off every box on your list.  The Ceinture will be one of the first luxury condo developments to offer a full slate of luxury amenities. This includes full concierge services, a state-of-the-art gym, communal workspace, club room, a large common terrace with gas grills overlooking Boston's skyline, and 41 garage parking spaces.  The Ceinture will feature 54x 2 bedroom units starting at $800,000.  Contact us for pre-construction pricing and availability.

        The Mezz – 420 West Broadway, South Boston

        The South Boston building with the best location. Located across from popular Lincoln Tavern, The Mezz is the former site of the historic Broadway Theater. Ideally situated within walking distance of CVS Pharmacy and the Red Line at Broadway Station, The Mezz is also next to some of South Boston's hot spots including Cafe Nero, Loco Taqueria, Capo, and JP Licks. The Mezz will feature 42 luxury condos ranging from studios to 2 bedroom units. Amenities include a rooftop garden, zen patio, clubroom, underground garage parking, and bike storage. You can schedule a tour with us at The Mezz here.

        The Blake – 457 West Broadway, South Boston

        Looking for the perfect private roof deck?  The Blake is your spot.  The Blake will feature 44 one and two-bedroom luxury condos located at 457 West Broadway in South Boston.  The new luxury construction development will also have a slate of amenities including a common roof deck, fitness center, community center, and ground-level retail.  The Blake is conveniently located a short walking distance to multiple restaurants, bars, retail, and public transportation hubs.

        480 West Broadway, South Boston

        The perfect mix-used building.  480-82 West Broadway is currently under construction and will feature a new five-story mixed-use building containing 4,190 square feet of ground-floor commercial space, 18 residential units on floors two through five, with 22 below-grade garage parking spaces. 480-82 West Broadway is ideally located at the corner of East and West Broadway steps from area shops, restaurants, and public transportation. 

        340 West 2nd, South Boston

        Take a break from the city while staying in the center of the action.  340 W 2nd on South Boston's West Side offers an urban-suburban feel - just a few streets back from South Boston's restaurants and bars. The building features 29 condominium residences and 1,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.  The luxury condo building at 320 W 2nd includes 18x 1 bedrooms, and 11x 2 bedroom residences along with 43 garage parking spaces. 


        Contact us for more information on floor plans, pricing, and availability for all new luxury construction condos in South Boston.

        Elevated provides complimentary buyer representation for all luxury condo buildings in South Boston and is not associated with the sales team or developer for the buildings listed above.


        Not sure where to go in South Boston? We've mapped it out for you here. 

        347 Maverick: East Boston Luxury Construction Condos

        So you want to live in East Boston?

        Currently under construction, The Elevated Companies new development at 347 Maverick will feature 9 new luxury condos along with 9 garage parking spots.  347 Maverick is located 4 blocks from the waterfront in East Boston's desirable Jeffries' Point neighborhood. The new development will feature 6 two-bedroom, two-bathroom units and 3 three-bedroom, 2 bathroom units. Each unit will also feature outdoor spaces, and the two penthouse units 8 & 9 will have private roof decks offering sweeping city and ocean views


        Unit Info & Availability

        Unit 1: 2 bed/2 bath | 870 sq. ft. | Garage Parking

        Unit 2: 2 Bed/2 Bath | 1140 sq. ft. | Private Deck | Garage Parking

        Unit 3: 3 Bed/2 Bath | 1,000 sq. ft. | Private Deck | Garage Parking

        Unit 4: 2 Bed/2 Bath | 1,075 sq. ft. | Private Deck | Garage Parking

        Unit 5: 2 Bed/2 Bath | 1,140 sq. ft. | Private Deck | Garage Parking

        Unit 6: 3 Bed/2 Bath | 1,000 sq. ft. | Private Deck | Garage Parking

        Unit 7: 2 Bed/2 Bath | 1,075 sq. ft. | Private Deck | Garage Parking

        Unit 8 (Penthouse 1): 2 Bed/2 Bath | 1,240 sq. ft. | Private Side Deck | Private Roof Deck | Garage Parking

        Unit 9 (Penthouse 2): 3 Bed/2 Bath | 1,400, sq. ft. | Large Private Terrace | Private Side Deck | Private Roof Deck | Garage Parking


        For additional details and pre-construction pricing and information, contact Elevated to speak with one of our experienced luxury real estate agents.

        347 Maverick | Designed, Built, & Sold by ELEVATED.


        Not sure where to go in Eastie? Check out this list of restaurants we’ve mapped out for you here.

        Luxury Condos in Beacon Hill? The Archer Residences

        Penthouse 1 | The Archer Residences


        When you think of Beacon Hill, you may think of the history of Boston as you stroll through the red brick sidewalks and notice the Georgian architecture, or maybe you think of the beautiful and famous Acorn Street.  In 2020, Beacon Hill welcomes new residents to The Archer and introduces a new way of living in the neighborhood.

        The Archer Residences is the first condo development in Beacon Hill to be fully amenitized while also offering luxurious full-service features.  Featuring 63 luxury condos and 54 garage parking spaces, The Archer’s luxurious services, and amenities include 24-hour white-glove services, valet parking, fitness & wellness centers, a pet spa, and an area bike storage – just to name a few.

        The Archer Residences mimics the neighborhood's historic synergy. The new 7-story development fits in beautifully in the heart of Beacon Hill, taking the place of the formerly Suffolk University buildings.



        Unit 310 | 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath | 1,142 Sq. Ft. | $1,500,000

        Unit 508 | 2 Bedrooms / 3 Baths | 1,676 Sq. Ft. | $2,700,000

        Unit 105 | 2 Bedrooms / 3 Baths | 2,935 Sq. ft. | $3,500,000

        Unit 406 | 2 Bedrooms / 3 Baths | 2,140 Sq. Ft. | $3,700,000

        Unit 503 | 2 Bedrooms / 2 Baths | 2,062 Sq. Ft. | $4,100,000

        Unit 601 | 2 Bedrooms / 3 Baths | 2,530 Sq. Ft. | $5,350,000

        Unit 412 | 3 Bedrooms / 3 Baths | 3,152 Sq. ft. | $6,445,000

        Unit PH1 | 4 Bedrooms / 4 Baths | 3,469 Sq. Ft. | $10,400,000


        The Elevated Luxury Team represents buyers for The Archer Residences and all pre and new construction condos in Boston and is not affiliated with The Archer Residences' developer or sales team. 


        71 Border: East Boston Waterfront New Construction Condos Starting at $329,000



        Elevated Residential is proud to announce the pre-sale launch for 71 Border in East Boston! Already 50% Sold! 

        Elevated Residential has been exclusively retained to market and sell 71 Border in East Boston! 71 Border, ideally located across from East Boston's Waterfront, is an 8 unit luxury new construction condo development by renowned East Boston developer, MG2 Group. 71 Border features 1 studio, 5 one bedroom and 2 Penthouse triplexes with private roof terraces. Units will feature oversized windows with water views, amazing natural light, in-unit laundry, hardwood and recessed lighting throughout. Penthouses will feature Bosch appliances and private parking. 71 Border is steps from multiple ocean front parks, running/biking routes and outdoor spaces with stunning views of Downtown Boston and the Atlantic Ocean. Walk to acclaimed area restaurants ReelhouseCunard Tavern and Dirty Water Dough or grab a free ferry ride from The Eddy to Pier 6 in Charlestown! 71 Border is a 5 minute walk to the Maverick T Stop, multiple bus lines, Shuttle to Logan Airport and the MBTA Ferry from Slip 45 to the Seaport. Drive to all major highways within 5 minutes. With an abundance of activities at your disposal as well as access to all of the Waterfront attractions that East Boston has to offer, 71 Border is the ideal place for you to call home!  Contact Elevated for pre-construction showings. Expected Completion: December 2020. 


        Unit 1: Studio, 320 sq ft, $329,000

        Unit 2: 1 Bed/1 Bath, 470 sq ft, $379,000 (UAG)

        Unit 3: 1 Bed/1 Bath, 480 sq ft, $449,000 (UAG)

        Unit 4: 1 Bed/1 Bath, 470 sq ft, $429,000 (UAG)

        Unit 5: 1 Bed/1 Bath, 480 sq ft, $479,000

        Unit 6: 1 Bed/1 Bath, 470 sq ft, $459,000

        Unit 7: 2 Bed/2.5 Bath Penthouse Duplex, 1050 sq ft, private roof deck, storage, $849,000

        Unit 8: 2 Bed/2.5 Bath Penthouse Duplex, 1000 sq ft, private roof deck, storage, $869,000