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Reasons to Live at Winthrop Center



Reasons to Live at Winthrop Center 

The Residences at Winthrop Center , featuring 317 ultra-luxury homes, are slated to arrive in Spring 2023. The amenities at Winthrop Center are unmatched by any other luxury building in Boston, with over 56,000 sq ft dedicated to amenity space. 

These luxury homes are part of a breathtaking mixed-use development dubbed Winthrop Center. Sitting high above the Boston skyline, Winthrop Center includes the largest Passive House office building in the world, a paragon of urban sustainable design, and its next-generation office club and unrivaled live/work amenities are available for residents to use.

The Club at Winthrop Center
Winthrop Center is home to The Club, a multi-purpose recreational space on Winthrop Center’s 35th floor.  The Club is for residents only and features two large private outdoor terraces, a unique 6,500 sq. ft. onsite VIP pet amenity space, state-of-the-art fitness facility and one of the only 75-ft. competition-length swimming pools in Boston.  The Club serves beverages prepared by the Club Concierge, guaranteeing a five-star nightcap any night of the week.  The Club also has a Function Room designed for resident events and gatherings.

Views from The Residences
Take in the views of Boston from one of the 317 ultra-luxury homes at Winthrop Center; these vantage points of the harbor and city have never been seen from a private home before.  The views of the Boston skyline are clear and open from nearly every condo unit.  However, if you’re looking for a more panoramic perspective of Downtown Boston, two lush terraces — the West and South Terraces — offer the grandest perspective of the city.  The West and South Terraces are landscaped and fully furnished, making them the perfect places to kick back and take in Boston’s breathtaking skyline. 

FLX is Winthrop Center Residences’ cutting-edge fitness facility. The gym is complete with equipment, personal trainers and open space, all optimized to help you achieve peak fitness. FLX is adjacent to the 75-foot pool, meaning you can jump in for a dip fresh off your HIIT session. The 75-foot pool is by far the longest of any indoor pool in all of Boston’s high-end residential projects. What’s even better is that you — as a resident of Winthrop Center — have exclusive 24-hour access.

Vivre La Vie 

Vivre La Vie is a regular schedule of social events for the residents of Winthrop Center. The focal point of these events includes the finest food, wine, and spirits — prepared by the one and only Chef John Fraser.

Club VIP

Club VIP is a one-stop-shop for pet wellness and will have a facility located at Winthrop Center, catering only to pets. This luxury amenity is the only one of its kind in Boston, pampering pets with spa-grade treatments from pet-dicures to energizing walks. 24/7 pet concierge services are also available through Club VIP, which include pet daycare as well as in-house boarding services for your pet while you travel. 

The above are just a few of the many unmatched amenities that Winthrop Center will offer to residents. Book an appointment with Elevated at the game-changing Winthrop Center Experience Center to learn more! 

For more information on The Residences at Winthrop Center, contact Elevated today.