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The Vermilion Club at Winthrop Center: A Contemporary Take on Boston's Steakhouse Tradition

The Vermillion Club - Steakhouse at Winthrop Center - Winthrop Center Restaurants

Boston's dining scene is poised for a thrilling addition with the opening of The Vermilion Club, a modern steakhouse that promises to elevate the city's culinary landscape. Located in Winthrop Center, this 120-seat restaurant opened its doors on June 11. Led by the acclaimed Chef John Fraser, The Vermillion Club will be offering a blend of classic steakhouse fare with inventive twists that are sure to captivate food enthusiasts.

A Steakhouse Reimagined by John Fraser

John Fraser, renowned for his Michelin-starred vegetarian cooking, is bringing his expertise and creativity to Boston’s steakhouse scene. Known for his now-closed Nix in New York City, Fraser is no stranger to pushing culinary boundaries. At The Vermilion Club, he explores steakhouse traditions with innovative dishes like tomato tartare and foie gras Boston cream pie.

A Diverse and Innovative Menu

The Vermilion Club's menu, crafted by John Fraser, seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Diners can enjoy steakhouse classics like filet mignon, dry-aged tomahawk, and spice-crusted prime rib, alongside inventive dishes such as foie gras Boston cream pie and tartares in tuna, tomato, and cognac-infused sirloin styles. 

Fraser's vegetarian roots shine with mushroom carpaccio, French onion dumplings, and cauliflower tarte tatin. The tomato tartare, with semi-dried tomatoes, olives, and capers over tomato aioli, exemplifies his talent for elevating simple vegetables into extraordinary dishes.

A Grand Setting at Winthrop Center

Located inside Winthrop Center, the restaurant’s ambiance is as impressive as its menu. The space is dominated by a stunning 30-foot glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly, aptly named "Vermilion Fiori," which hangs above the 35-seat bar. This grand piece sets the tone for an evening of luxury and sophistication.

The bar itself is home to an extensive cocktail program featuring nearly 70 drinks, curated with the same precision as the food menu. The cocktail menu is designed to be both approachable and diverse, offering a wide range of options that cater to all tastes, much like a classic, comprehensive cookbook.

A New Landmark in Boston Dining

The Vermilion Club is more than just a restaurant; it’s set to become a landmark in Boston’s culinary scene at Winthrop Center. Fraser acknowledges the city's strong community of steakhouses and aims to enhance this tradition with his unique perspective. His vision for The Vermilion Club goes beyond the food and drinks. Every detail, from the lighting and music to the staff uniforms, has been meticulously planned to create a cohesive and memorable dining experience.

Expanding Horizons

Initially opening for dinner service, The Vermilion Club plans to expand its hours to include lunch and brunch in the future. Fraser remains optimistic about the evolving work patterns post-pandemic and sees a bright future for his upscale establishment within Boston's tallest tower, already home to his other culinary venture, The Lineup.

As The Vermilion Club opens its doors, it invites diners to experience a new chapter in Boston's dining history—one where classic steakhouse elegance meets innovative culinary artistry. Whether you’re looking for a weeknight spot for steak frites or a venue for special-occasion dinners, The Vermilion Club promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.



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