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Need Parking? Try a New Construction Building

Parking at Boston's new construction buildings

If you're familiar at all with East Boston or South Boston, then you know that the parking situation is unbearable. It's nearly impossible to park anywhere convenient to where you need to be--whether that's your home, your work, or just going out on the town. If you're tired of commuting into those neighborhoods only to be faced with astronomical parking garage fees and non-existent on-street parking, we're here to tell you that there's a better way. Why not buy a condo in a new construction building? You get your own parking space guaranteed, and many of these new high-rises are within walking distance to the major hubs or at least have access to T stations, highways, and other transportation outlets.

South Boston

All new construction buildings in South Boston now require parking. Under new zoning rules, one parking spot is required for each one-bedroom unit. For 2+ bedroom units, 1.5 parking spots are required. Additionally, developers are now required to build two-thirds more off-street parking than before, according to the Boston Globe. Here are just a few of the projects providing extra parking spaces throughout the city:

South Boston Transportation Center, currently under construction in the Seaport, will provide 1,500 new parking spots to help accommodate/alleviate the lack of parking in South Boston and Seaport.

Buildings such as 14 West Broadway offer 24-hour valet services (in addition to underground parking spaces) to accommodate lack of parking. This luxury condo building is 11 stories tall with 47 units.

Port 45 on 45 West Third Street offers one parking spot per unit. It features five stories and 105 units, with 109 garage parking spaces for residents.

150 West Broadway offers one parking spot per unit, and two parking spots for each penthouse unit. This five-story condo building will feature 30 luxury condos and 33 on-site parking spaces.

East Boston

Similarly, developers in East Boston are also accommodating parking spots in new construction buildings.

Slip65 at Clippership Wharf, slated for completion in late 2018, as well as 151 Liverpool Street, both offer one parking spot per unit. The six-story Slip 65 at Clippership Wharf, spanning 12 acres, will feature 300 garage parking spots for residents and 20 available for public use. 151 Liverpool, also six stories, will have 36 condos and corresponding parking spots.

Parking: A Growing Concern

The squeeze for parking has only been getting worse as more people clog the city streets of East Boston and South Boston. The problem is compounded in winter when the snowbanks take away more of the precious parking spots that people rely on to park at home or work. Just how many parking spaces are left in these neighborhood is anyone's guess. That's because Boston has stopped keeping track. The Massachusetts Port Authority estimated back in 2012 that there were 6,000 spaces in surface parking lots in South Boston, particularly in the Seaport District. It projected that in 2015, there would be only 750, according to the Boston Globe. Currently, no one is really sure how many there are now.

Contact Elevated Realty

How would you like to never have to worry about parking again? Call us to learn about any of the above new construction buildings in East Boston and South Boston. We're located at 174 Dorchester Street in Boston, MA 02127. Get in touch at 617-701-6300 or email us at info@elevatedboston.com. We would be happy to show any property to you. Just give us a call and book an appointment.


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    Is East Boston Waterfront the Next Seaport?

    In what has always been a gateway community, an adjunct to its big sister Boston and to a lesser degree the Seaport District, East Boston has quickly been shifting from forgotten sibling to the city's next big thing. Rental prices are reflecting the growing sophistication of East Boston, with average monthly rents climbing more than 40 percent in four years to hit a high of $2,255 last year, says The Boston Globe. This rise has brought the neighborhood in line with rental prices throughout the rest of Boston.

    Over the last several years, plans have been in place to add more than 1,000 new units, initially to drive down those high rent prices so it could attract the budgets of college students and budding professionals. Turns out, these modern waterfront developments are enhancing East Boston's allure as an up-and-coming community that rivals the popularity of the Seaport District next door, which is already well established as the hottest neighborhood in town. The amenities that make the Seaport District so appealing (prime waterfront location, across from downtown, right off the highway, a short T ride to the airport) are all the things that are making the same impression on the East Boston waterfront, points out Boston Magazine.

    Enter: Slip65 at Clippership Wharf

    One of those up and coming waterfront properties in East Boston is called Slip65 at Clippership Wharf. It's slated to be built between 2018 and 2019 and will be completed in two phases. Now, you can get in on the lively and beautiful energy that is Boston Harbor thanks to easy access to the serene Harborwalk area. Slip65 is the trendy place to live, with waterfront views, the latest designs, and every amenity you could want to complement your active lifestyle. It's just a five-minute water taxi ride from the Seaport or Downtown Boston. Not a bad way to travel! No traffic, no congestion, no stress. Other convenient, quick ways to get from here to there:

    • One-minute walk to the Blue Line T Stop. Get to State Street downtown in three minutes.
    • One stop to Logan Airport
    • Half mile to Downtown East Boston. Soon you'll be in the middle of the city's exploding arts and cultural scene from the Downeast Cider House to the landmark Santarpio’s Pizza. There are a number of trendy bars and the latest restaurants to choose from. It all depends on what you're in the mood for.

    Some say you can get the absolute best view of Boston from here. There are many reasons why you should get in on the ground floor for East Boston waterside living. Not only are the prices lower throughout the city, it's just a quick T ride to downtown, containing eclectic restaurants for the foodie in you and boasting a killer view of the Boston skyline, says The Boston Globe. It's no surprise, then, that East Boston is capturing the attention of young professionals, savvy families, and college kids. More and more people are making the migration across the Harbor to the next Seaport District in the making.

    Want to be a part of it? You can.

    Contact Elevated Realty

    Getting in on this amazing opportunity to become a part of this up-and-coming waterfront area is easy. Just get in touch with Elevated Realty at  617-701-6300 or email us at info@elevatedboston.com. Our headquarters is located at 174 Dorchester Street in Boston, MA. We would be happy to discuss the plans for Slip65 with you and book an appointment. Start looking forward to living in luxury marked by jaw-dropping views and convenient access to everything you need!


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      Why Live In East Boston? A neighborhood overview

      The up and coming neighborhood, East Boston, offers its residents an urban-suburban feel, similar to South Boston.  Eastie is a residential neighborhood with a mix of restaurants and parks.  The waterfront area of East Boston at Jeffries Point has spectacular views of Seaport District and the waterfront of Downtown Boston, only a 10-minute drive away.


      The development opportunities for luxury residences has allowed developers to make their mark in East Boston.  Taking over the waterfront in Jeffries Point and creeping its way back, you can expect to see a makeover as more luxury developments continue to spread throughout.  East Boston has a mix of small condo developments as well as large full-service residential buildings.


      One of East Boston’s waterfront restaurants – Reel House – is located right across from Charlestown.  Complimentary water shuttles are available to and from Pier 6 in Charlestown during the summer.  On the other side of Jeffries Point, the Downeast Cider House is located across from Downtown Boston and offers visitors an experience. Residents of Eastie have the convenience of being minutes away from Logan International Airport located right off the highway.


      Learn more about East Boston’s market data and the average costs of homes and rentals in the East Boston neighborhood here.

      Highlight on Residences: The Mark East Boston

      The Mark residences are located in Jeffries Point at 99 Sumner Street on the East Boston waterfront between the Maverick T station and the ReelHouse restaurant. The expected completion for The Mark will be in 2021. 


      Here is a full list of available condos, pricing, square footage, and amenities. 


      UNIT 507 | $449,000 | 1 BATH | 447 SQ. FT.

      UNIT PH 603 | $469,900 | 1 BATH | 439 SQ. FT.

      1 BED | 1 BATH

      UNIT 401 | $599,000 | 630 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 205 | $612,500 | 740 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 409 | $624,900 | 698 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 505 | $639,900 | 717 SQ. FT.

      UNIT PH 601 | $645,900 | 630 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 219 | $719,900 | 717 SQ. FT.

      UNIT PH 610 | $749,900 | 717 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 406 | $769,900 | 778 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 515 | $919,000 | 776 SQ. FT.

      2 BED | 2 BATH

      UNIT 412 | $1,099,900 | 1,085 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 511 | $1,156,869 | 1,126 SQ. FT.

      UNIT PH 612 | $1,349,900 | 1,206 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 221 | $1,359,900 | 1,227 SQ. FT.

      UNIT 421 | $1,499,900 | 1,197 SQ. FT.

      3 BED | 2 BATH

      UNIT 216 | $1,980,900 | 1,574 Sq. Ft.



      -Fitness center

      -Golf simulator

      -Pet Spa

      -Commercial/Retail Space

      -Package Storage

      -WiFi Bar

      -Envoy Car Share

      -Screening Room


      -Fireplace Lounge

      -Private Terrace with Grills & Firepits

      -Garage Parking

      -24/7 Concierge


      Not sure where to go in East Boston? We’ve mapped it out for you here.