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FREE energy, save money, live cheaper!

Free energy save money live cheaper


Free Energy Audit

Hiring an auditor to do a simple checkup of your home helps determine where you might be losing energy -- and money -- and how to correct it. Many utility companies offer this service for free

Ceilings Fans

Ceiling fans are a low-energy way to keep air moving in your home. Because of the air circulation effect, you can get away with keeping your thermostat a degree or two higher in summer and a degree or two lower in winter, netting a rather large savings.  The most important thing to know is that the air directly below the fan should be blowing down on you in the summer and should be pulled upwards away from you in the winter. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

Choose these even if you have to pay more up front.
Unless you were lucky enough to buy a fully-furnished home, you'll likely have to do some appliance shopping.  Focus on reliability and energy efficiency above all, even if that seriously increases the cost you have to pay up front. A refrigerator that uses little energy and lasts 20 years is far, far cheaper over the long run than a fridge that runs for seven years and guzzles electricity.

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